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Frontier 330
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frontier 330

Minilab Frontier 330 has a processing capacity of 650 prints per hour for a 3R size image and 570 prints per hour for a 4R size image.

Frontier 330 (SLP-800SC)

Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 330 Main Specifications
Input source
Print sizes
paper widths
Frontier 330
Processing capacity
Approx. 650 prints/hr
Approx. 570 prints/hr
Advanced Photo System (IX240)
3R C/H/P-mixed-format prin
25 exp. roll and index print
Approx.161 rolls/hr
4R C/H/P-mixed-format prin
25 exp. roll and index print
Approx.15 rolls/hr
Media Prints:

With main controller:
3R / approx. 530 prints/hr.
4R / approx. 450 prints/hr. With Imaging Controller: (Meeting Fujifilm recommended specs)
3R / approx. 600 prints/hr. 4R / approx. 530 prints/hr.


With main controller: 7 CDs/hr.
9 CDs/hr. (when two additional GPA 22 Boards are installed)
With Imaging Controller: (Meeting Fujifilm recommended specs)
18 CDs/hr. 24 CDs/hr. (when two additional
GPA 22 Boards are installed)


Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 330 Specifications

Type: Floor-type,normal-lightoperation(input, laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).

Scanning section: Area CCD

Film carriers:
  • Dual-format Interchangeable Film Auto Carrier (accepts 135F/H color negatives or Advanced Photo System (IX240)).
  • Manual Carrier
  • Semi-automatic Slide Carrier SC135A.

  • Image processing: Optimal color reproduction processing, color gradation control, hyper-sharpness processing, hyper-tone processing, soft focus, facial expression enhancement, monotone finishing, red-eye correction processing, a variety of compositions (e.g. calendar prints, greeting cards, multi-prints) and others.

    Display: 15 or 17-inch CRT color display.

    Expansion capability: 100-base Ether (connectivity to internal PC or from external PC for FDI) port, USB ports, and RS232C port.

    Input light source: LED

    Printable films and sizes: 110, 126, 135F/H/full-panorama, Advanced Photo System (IX240), 120, 220.

    Acceptable digital media:

    Prints from ZIPTM disk, CD-R, MO disk, FD, FUJICOLOR CD, Digital still cameras (selected format), SmartMediaTM, PC card, CompactFlashTM, SD Memory card, Memory stick.

    Print sizes: 89x89mm - 203 x 305 mm, A4

    Exposure system: Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers (solid-state G and B lasers).

    Paper magazines: Single paper magazine (standard accessory).

    Paper: FUJICOLOR paper (Cystal Archive Paper Type ONE)

    Print to print: Available with optional software

    Processing time: Dry to dry: 3 min. 40 sec.

    Power requirements: AC200-240V (50/60Hz) 4.8KVA

    Dimensions: 1,520 (W) x 895 (D) x 1,636 (H) mm.

    Weights: Approx. 500kg (550kg during actual

    Installation space: Approx. 1.2 m2.


    Frontier 330 Features

    Flexible-use film carrier

    The Dual-format Interchangeable Film Carrier NC100AC can accommodate both Advanced Photo System film and 135 film, providing easy film loading and automatic "one-pass" processing. The semi-automatic Reversal Mount carrier SC135A (optional accessory, available early 2002) provides increased productivity for mounted slide film.

    Fuji Frontier 330

    One-touch chemical replenishment

    The Frontier 330 uses Fujifilm`s CP-48S Chemical System, in which liquid containers for several processing stages have been combined into a single, compact cartridge. As a rsult, the chemicals can be rplenished simply and cleanly, without ever coming into contact with the operator`s hands. And since mixing is automatic, mixing errors are virtually eliminated.

    Fuji Frontier 330 Fuji Frontier 330

    Auto calibration

    Fuji Frontier 330

    Automatic Calibrator simplifies the daily maintenance and control for print quality. With this feature, color and tone reproduction from the highlight to the shadow area are automatically adjusted.

    Perfect one-channel print system

    The frontier`s perfect one-channel print system automatically detects the size and type of the film being processed. It controls all processing, and eliminates the need for the operator to perform mnual selection of adjustment operations. There`s no need to separate film types (negatives, monochrome film, and reversal film) when printing, and the one-channel operartion also handles digital camera prints.

    Image Intelligence
    frontier 330
    Marks caused by scratches and dust on the original negative are especially noticeable in extra-large-size reprints, but the Frontier 330 automatically corrects these flaws using an exclusive correction technology. The result is a natural-looking final image, which translates into better customer satisfaction.
    frontier 330
    The distracting appearance of red pupils due to a bright flash can be corrected easily with this function. Operator-selected frames displayed on the monitor can automatically have red-eye appearance detected and corrected. Operations can be performed on the first pass, reducing the need for manual selection or adjustment steps by the operator. For more flexibility, manual retouching is also possible.
    frontier 330
    • Backlight correction
      Independent image density adjustment is performed on overly bright background areas and overly dark foreground figures, automatically adjusting their relative brightness within the photo.

    • Sharpness adjustment
      Fujifilm`s proprietary HyperSharpness process enhances the edge definition of objects, colors and shadows while compensating for film grain, to produce photos that are crisper and clearer.

    • High-contrast correction
      In flash shots against a dark background and in shots using too bright a flash, the foreground figures can appear too light and washed out while the background is dark and murky. High- contrast correction adjusts the relative brightness of foreground figures and background.

    • Over- / under-exposure compensation
      When an underexposed or an overexposed negative is detected, the density and contrast of the image can be adjusted automatically to bring the image closer to its proper exposure level.
    Fuji Frontier 330
    frontier 330
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    Craig -
    August 27, 2019
    Technical Support: Fuji
    Prints are jamming between final cross over and first set of dryer rollers. I can print about 10, and then it jams and stops printing. I have replaced the dryer unit, sorter unit, drive gears on the side of the dryer unit, and the cloth mat in the sorter. Yet it is still occurring. Really would love some advice
    Irida -
    July 25, 2019
    Technical Support: Durst, Chromira, Oce, Kodak, HP, Epson
    I get en error 53 when starting the epsilon 30 durst. What could the problem be?
    Hyzri -
    July 13, 2019
    Technical Support: Fuji
    error 9009
    can not find the default.ini. Close application and reinstall the program
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