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DL2100 Duplex Printer
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dl2100 image
It`s payback time The KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer is an amazing value. Savvy buyers take note of the modest investment and great profit potential with our new, premium products. We did the math. If you can sell at least two duplex KODAK Photo Books a week, this solution is priced to pay for itself in less than a year.
The quality and choice of designs for Photo Book, Calendar and Greeting Cards you can offer consumers is simply fabulous. Fresh new borders and background designs are included, plus the latest creative options that put your customer in control. We`ve got what you need to grow your onsite premium business:

DL2100 key features

KODAK Quality Prints that last a lifetime* – Bright colors and sharp text delivered on papers that we`ve tested with consumers for key attributes that drive preference.

Easy and fun – The award-winning KODAK Picture Kiosk software delivers an intuitive and streamlined workflow plus easy creative options that consumers love.

Speed that delights consumers – Deliver gifts and cards in just minutes. Products are delivered collated and ready to bind.


The quality you need to beat the competition

Make no mistake. The KODAK DL2100 is not your average printer. Most competitive printers were really built for standard office paper and output. We`ve designed the KODAK DL2100 to be the best value for onsite duplex photographic applications. There is a big difference. We`ve optimized each component of the KODAK DL2100 printing solution:

  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Papers and Card Stock – Deliver the physical characteristics of prints consumers want and Kodak standards demand.
  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toners – Exclusive and unique to Kodak. Provide excellent color reproduction and robust fusing characteristics.
  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer – Print speed and smooth paper transport that retail solutions demand.
  • KODAK Image Processing Software – Absolute industry- leading excellence in image management and quality results.

dl2100 image

Beautiful books for effortless storytelling
KODAK Photo Books make it fast, fun and easy to create a story. Auto layout and our hugely popular "shuffle pictures" features gives your customers the control they love and the speed they demand. Making creative choices and adding text is so streamlined that shoppers easily personalize their story without creating a queue.
dl2100 image
  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11 inch and A4
  • Layout: Landscape
  • Double-sided, bordered pages
  • Binding: Wire or staple/glue
  • Unlimited pages (limited only by binding size/style)
  • Writeable media for personal captions
  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Paper — Gloss finish with 148 gsm

Customized calendars in minutes
It`s easy to share a year`s worth of memories in minutes. Rich, colorful photos and sharp text make these a standout gift item. Long-lasting, writable media for truly custom creations—a great repeat purchase item.
dl2100 image
  • Sizes: 8.5 x 11 inch and A4
  • Layout: Landscape
  • Double sided, bordered pages
  • Binding: Wire bound
  • Writable media
  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Paper — Gloss finish with 148 gsm

It`s a booming new business! Instant, personalized KODAK Greeting Cards
dl2100 image
Bring customers back again and again to your store with our new double-sided, folded greeting cards. Fresh designs with artwork on covers and inside will be a bit hit. Priced right to let you enter the onsite card and gifting category with an easy winner. Try sampling this low cost, high value category as a way to introduce your new line of onsite gifts from Kodak.
  • Size: 4.8x6.8 inch cards w/envelope
  • Layouts: Landscape or portrait
  • Double sided, bordered
  • Writable media
  • KODAK DL2100 Duplex Greeting Card Paper — Coated, pre-scored, 270 gsm card stock


KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer- Single Pass LED, 1200x600 dpi, Electro- Photographic Printer

Processing - 700 Mhz, 64 bit, 256 MB memory

Print times - First color print in 11 seconds (cards) 10-page Photo Book ~ 5 minutes Monthly Calendar w/cover (13 pgs) ~ 3 minutes 5 Custom Greeting Cards ~ 1 minutes

DL2100 Dimensions (H x W x D): 50.8 x43.5 x 62.2 cm (20 x 17.1 x 24.5 in.)

Weight: Packed -33 Kg (72.8 lbs.), Unpacked - 31 Kg (68.3 lbs.)

Operating temperature range: 15oto26oC (59oto80oF)

Power consumption: Separate models: 120 VAC or 230 VAC, Energy Star Compliant

KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Paper/Gloss—148 gsm, A4 and 8.5x11 in. coated paper, packs of 250 sheets

KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Greeting Card Paper—270 gsm, 6.8x9.6 in. coated card stock, pre-scored, 2 packs of 100 sheets each

KODAK DL2100 Duplex Printer Toners—Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Duplex Photo Books: A4 and 8.5x11 in. sizes

Duplex Calendars: A4 and 8.5x11 in. sizes

Duplex Folded Greeting Cards: 12.2 x 17.3 cm (4.8x6.8 in.)

Relative humidity: 20 to 80%

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